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The SRWC offers free assessments and orientations to students and members. Assessments and orientations are conducted by certified personal trainers and are scheduled at the fitness desk at the SRWC. The assessment and the orientation are two separate one-on-one appointments with a trainer.

When working out in a group, exercise can prove more enjoyable and effective, and can also increase adherence to fitness programs. Joining a group exercise class or having a workout buddy can help keep one accountable for scheduled exercise. And as no one wants to let their classmates or partners down, having a designated time for exercise helps ensure that you will stick to the plan.

In the assessment, the trainer goes over your health history and physical activity lifestyle. The trainer takes all your measurements and three tests are taken. You will be tested on your cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance and flexibility. After the tests, the trainer categorizes you based on the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) standards. The purpose of this gathered information is for your reference and for the trainer. The trainer learns more about your body and the way you function; it allows the trainer to get an idea how they might train you in the future. Furthermore, this is also a time for you to briefly get an understanding of your current health and physical condition. Lastly, you and the trainer will discuss your fitness goals and your previous experience in physical activity. To conclude your assessment, the trainer will customize an individualized training routine based on the information that was gathered in the assessment, which includes your fitness goals.

After the assessment, you can schedule your orientation with the trainer where the trainer will reference your tailored workout routine from the assessment. The orientation serves as the client’s opportunity to learn new exercises, fix their form on exercises and ask any other questions they may have in regards to their fitness. If the client is satisfied with the way the trainer works with them, the client can purchase personal training packages at reasonable rates.

There are many fun and free opportunities provided at the SRWC – assessments and orientations are only a few of them. Next time you have a break between classes, pass by the SRWC and ask for an assessment and orientation. We have great trainers waiting to help you make healthier changes to your lifestyle.

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