Program Highlight

Dodgeball Tournament banner

As fall comes to an end and winter begins, what better way to kick off this nostalgic season than with everyone’s childhood favorite: dodgeball!

150 Dare Banner

Dare to beat the odds with this brand new fitness challenge: 150 DARE. Joining the likes of the rock wall’s “Mile High Challenge” and aquatic’s “Swim Into Shape”, the 150 DARE brings a fresh, exciting and beneficial challenge to you!

Aqua Zumba Banner

Can’t decide between dancing and getting in the pool? Aqua Zumba brings both together in one awesome pool party! Structured like a standard Zumba class, Aqua Zumba entails dancing to motivational music with unique dance moves and combinations—except it’s in water.

Sand Volleyball Tournament Banner

Slap on some sunscreen, soak in the sun and take part in the free spring 3x3 Volleyball Tournament! It will follow traditional volleyball rules and hold to a best of three series. Students, faculty, staff and alumni are all invited to participate.

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