Program Highlight

Dare to beat the odds with this brand new fitness challenge: 150 DARE. Joining the likes of the rock wall’s “Mile High Challenge” and aquatic’s “Swim Into Shape”, the 150 DARE brings a fresh, exciting and beneficial challenge to you!

“It’s a cardio challenge that includes any form of cardio, including biking, running, rowing and the elliptical,” said Interim Fitness Coordinator Leiana Swanson. “Students just have to log 150 miles of cardio throughout the semester and they can win a 150 DARE T-shirt.”

With 150 DARE, the options are vast in number. Besides the various options for cardiovascular exercise, all the SRWC cardio machines have distance trackers on them. Participants are also free to perform cardio activities outside of the SRWC, so long as they track their mileage by noting their hours or using technology like Map My Run. They must report back to the front desk to input it in the system after each workout.

“You can simply say, ‘I did x-number of miles today,” and we’ll track that,” said Swanson. “At the end of each time you do cardio, you should come in that day to report it. All ways of tracking mileage are eligible as the challenge is based on the honor system.”

All SRWC members are invited to participate. Ambitious participants have the option of participating in the Mega Challenge, in which they must all three SRWC semesterly challenges: the Mile High Challenge, Swim Into Shape and 150 DARE. The prize is a grand medal.

150 DARE will run from August 22 to December 16, for the extent of the semester. For more information on 150 DARE, visit

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