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Dodgeball Tournament banner

As fall comes to an end and winter begins, what better way to kick off this nostalgic season than with everyone’s childhood favorite: dodgeball!

SRWC Intramurals is hosting their annual free dodgeball tournament for students to have fun with this classic six-on-six game while competing amongst eight to10 other teams. Your team of six will attempt to knock out the other team by hitting people with the ball, and the first to eliminate everyone on the opposing team will advance in the tournament.

“People always enjoy this tournament because everyone wants to be competitive—yet you can’t help but have fun!” said Director of Intramural Sports Glenn McDonald.

Beginning in 2011, the tournament tradition has continued each year. This time, SRWC Intramurals hopes to give students a fun, leisurely experience before finals. Compared to more traditional sports, the dodgeball tournament will give participants time to exercise, enjoy themselves and get their energy going.

“When you do anything with intramurals, you always meet new people,” said Glenn. “And not only that—dodgeball is great to take a bit of the stress of finals off on other people in a fun, safe environment!”

The dodgeball tournament will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. in Main Gym Court A. The deadline for participants to register their team of six is Monday, Dec. 5. The winner of the tournament will receive a prize, as will all the participants. For more information, visit

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