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Each year, at the Owen’s Condition For Tuition (OCFT) finale celebration, one lucky student receives a check for a semester of free tuition. Everyone who participates is invited to the event, which provides free food, fun activities and opportunity drawings for other awesome prizes before pulling the name of the tuition winner as the grand finale.

While free tuition and cool prizes are some of the tangible rewards that can be taken away, there are plenty of alternative benefits students can gain by participating in the program, including accountability, developing healthier habits, building community, decreased stress and improved wellness overall!

By enrolling in OCFT, students have an easy and accessible way to track their number of visits to the facility, which serves as a great progress and accountability tool. Committing to use the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) in order to log a point, fosters building a healthy habit that encourages students to participate in activities that better their overall well-being.

When students come regularly to the SRWC, they become part of the community here and can enjoy social interactions like meeting other students who are also committed towellness goals. In addition to becoming part of the community and feeling a sense of belonging, those who participate in OCFT also experience reduced stress, improved sleeping habits, and reap the overall benefits that come with living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Many students even use the numbered visits to engage in fun, friendly competition with a peer to see who can complete their 50 OCFT points first. While a chance to win a semester of free tuition, or possibility of winning other cool prizes is a large reason students sign-up for the OCFT Challenge, don’t lose sight of the many benefits to be gained for improving health and well-being!

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