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Owen's Condition for Tuition

The end of fall semester is right around the corner, but there is still plenty of time for you to sign up for and complete the Owen’s Condition for Tuition Challenge! The winner will receive a scholarship for a semester of undergraduate-level tuition.

Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate. Students must earn 50 points to be entered into the opportunity drawing for the Owen’s scholarship. Please note that there is no participation fee to participate in the challenge!

You can complete the challenge at the SRWC, or online. For in-person participants, after completing a 30-minute wellness-based activity, open your Member ID barcode on the SRWC GO app and scan it on your way out of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) facility. This is where Owen’s points are redeemed, and progress can be checked.

Participate virtually by uploading a photo as proof of completing a 30-minute wellness activity. Access the online survey to submit points virtually by visiting the Owen’s Condition for Tuition tab on the SRWC website. Special edition prizes will be awarded to participants along the way. This academic year, we are giving away an Owen’s duffle bag for reaching the halfway mark and a double-insulated finisher’s water bottle for completing all 50 Owen’s points.

And make sure to join the SRWC for the finale celebration at the end of the spring semester! The name of the Owen’s Condition for Tuition winner will be chosen at random from an opportunity drawing with all of the finishers’ names. Along with the grand prize, there will also be many other prize giveaways where finishers can win prizes. There will also be fun activities and delicious food for attendees.

Interested in participating, but not sure you have the time? You can continue logging Owen’s points throughout winter and into the spring semester. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to sign up, get started and log points! Whether you exercise in-person, or online, remember to log your points and most of all, have fun! For more information on the Owen’s Condition for Tuition Challenge, visit

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