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Wherever you are, whenever it is – you can log a 30-minute workout or wellness session into the online form, building towards the goal of 50 points for a shot at free tuition. What you may not know is that points can be earned in limitless ways.

If you follow the Rec Report, you’ve probably heard about our annual Owen’s Condition for Tuition scholarship challenge. This program is free for all currently enrolled students, and thanks to the new virtual points system, it’s more accessible than ever before.

Working out isn’t your thing? Lacking any workout equipment? Are you burnt out or bored of your at-home fitness programs and classes? No problem! There are plenty of other ways to redeem your points that don’t involve physical fitness. Some of these include practicing meditation or breathing exercises, cooking a healthy, well-balanced meal or prepping your healthy meals and snacks for the week.

Luckily enough, the Beach Balance department at the Student Rec & Wellness Center (SRWC) offers guided meditation classes every week, as well as nutrition counseling and meal prepping workshops. You can also count a point for attending any of the virtual programs from the various departments at the SRWC. All you have to do is show up for the workshop, take a photo at the end and submit it through the online form, which can be found at Just like that, you’re one point closer to an opportunity at winning an entire semester of tuition, courtesy of the Owen family!

The final deadline to complete all 50 points to be entered into the opportunity drawing is Friday, April 30! If you are reading this and have yet to sign-up, no need to fret. As long as you sign-up by Friday, March 12, you will have time to earn all your points – but why wait? Go get started now! Those of you currently participating, keep up the amazing work and don’t give up on yourself. Your chance to win free tuition is almost here!

Huge kudos to the students that have already made it to 50 points. I hope you continue committing yourself to wellness. While only one lucky student will walk away with a check to pay for next semester’s tuition, there are still plenty of opportunities to win prizes. Everyone who participates is entered into monthly opportunity drawings, and those that earn at least 25 points will receive a special edition gym bag. Additionally, all finishers will get a free T-shirt. What’s not to love about getting rewarded for taking care of your health and wellness?

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