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The USU Games Center is hosting online tournaments for students to participate in! The goal is to have fun and interact with peers during quarantine. The Games Center hopes to provide a space for inclusion, excitement and play.

“We are hosting gaming tournaments for the LBSU community. We want to help in bringing some sense of togetherness during this difficult time,” said USU Services Coordinator Becky Carranza.

There are a variety of activities to partake in. Events include tournaments like League of Legends, FIFA and Madden. Activities held via Zoom include virtual trivia nights and bingo.

I’m most excited to see the “team cohesiveness and watch students have a good time,” said Carranza. “It’s amazing to see the players form bonds that could potentially lead to friendships.”

Gameplay is ongoing throughout the summer and there are many opportunities to get involved.

Check in on our Instagram @csulbasi to see what activities, await!


    Upcoming Game Center Events
  • July 10: League of Legends Tournament
  • July 14: NBA2k20 Tournament
  • July 28: Rocket League Tournament


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