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Fun with the SRWC Run Club!

The Paralympic Games is a unifying event that showcases individuals with disabilities competing in adapted sports, demonstrating exceptional strenght and skill. Despite facing physical, sensory or intellecutal impairments, these athlete’s dedication and perseverance is undeniable as they overcome challenges in the realm of competitive sports. Their passion for their sport is truly admirable, serving as an inspiration for all athletes.

The first Paralympic game started as a modest and small compeition in 1960, but today, is now recognized as one of the largest global sporting events. It’s growing popularity is a direct parallel for society’s increasing recognition of those with disabilities – renownly recognized for their abilities rather than their limitations. And here at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC), we are committed to ensuring that people of all abilities are accomodated throughout our facilities. From Dark Climb to wheelchair racing, the SRWC provides a wide variety of events that promote inclusivity.

Our upcoming Adaptive Sports Challenge is a FREE event where the Long Beach State University (LBSU) community is invited to participate in several Paralympic sports. If you’re an athelete, this is a great event to test out your abilities and engage in a different sporting experience. If exercise isn’t necessarily your forte, this event is perfect for those who are interested in challenging themselves, offering a unique opportunity to understand ways in which individuals with disabilities engage in sports, while also gaining insight into the challenges they may encounter.

Read more about Paralympic history at paralympic.org/history!

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