Special Feature
Personal Training

Looking to get fit this summer? The SRWC offers a variety of personal training packages, and now at a price that fits your summer budget. Until August 25, 2019, all personal training packages are 10% off and include a free InBody Body Composition scan.

For as low as $32 for students and $46 for non-students, a certified personal trainer will provide you with the guidance, motivation and accountability you need to get the results you’re looking for. Have an injury you want to overcome or a specific goal you want to achieve? No problem. Our SRWC personal trainers have specialties in older adult fitness, power lifting, mobility and more. SRWC member Ellie C. said, “[I’ve] gotten so much stronger and more active” since she started working with a personal trainer. Now’s your chance to feel great too.

Personal and buddy training packages are offered in one, three, five and 10 sessions – making it easier to find the package that best fits your budget and summer schedule.

  • One-on-One Training (student/non-student)
    1 session - $32/$46
    3 sessions - $92/$133
    5 sessions - $149/$196
    10 sessions - $279/$369
  • Buddy Training (student/non-student)
    1 session - $41/$55
    3 sessions - $119/$150
    5 sessions - $194/$241
    10 sessions - $369/$459

Interested in taking advantage of this summer special? Find your ideal trainer at https://asirecreation.org/fitness/personal-training and sign up for your first session at the Fitness Desk. While you’re there, don’t forget to sign-up for a free assessment and orientation to learn more about your current fitness level.

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