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Log rolling has a very colorful history* – one that all ages can enjoy learning about. Prior to the development of roads and trains, people used rivers to transport pre-cut logs from the forests to the sawmills. This transportation process, however, was no easy feat. The dangerous job required workers (log drivers) to run back and forth across log-jammed rivers. Learning how to walk on spinning logs was essential not only for worker’s transportation, but survival. Frigid waters and the crush of oncoming logs were everyday workplace hazards – yet the adventure and thrill of it all was part of the fun!

Eventually, to keep things interesting, log drivers would challenge one another to matches. And unwittingly, they created a recreational sport that has endured for more than a century. For years, log rolling was a competitive and exclusive sport. That changed, however, when Rolling Champion Abby Hoeschler developed the Key Log®, the recyclable and highly durable synthetic log, to make the sport more accessible to a wider audience!

To safely and efficiently learn how to log roll, teamwork is important. You may recruit a friend or two to help by holding the Key Log®. As you progress, the goal is to be able to step onto the log without any assistance. To hold the Key Log®, the holder should keep the log steady while you begin, gradually removing pressure after the first few seconds as you gain balance and footwork. To best balance, prop up on the log as you would a surfboard, doing your best to stand up straight. As you walk, tap your foot forward as you slowly gain your balance. To ensure balance, keep your eyes up at the end of the log, trusting your body to carry you forward.

There’s no guarantee you’ll get it on the first try but keep at it and eventually you’ll become a pro in no time! Key Log’s ® vision is that log rolling will be an Olympic sport one day – which is where you come in! If you’re interested in trying log rolling, come to the Student Recreation & Wellness Center’s (SRWC) Aquatic Center and give it a go! You, or someone you may know, may compete as an Olympian one day!

*Learn more about the history of log rolling at keylogrolling.com/history.

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